U16 District Cup Semi Final Appointment

Got an Email this morning saying I had been appointed as an AR for one of the semi finals for the U16 District Cup in February. First of all, I am really surprised of this appointment as I'm 16 myself and first season. Would the District Referee Sec see what leagues I officiate on? I do AR on West Cheshire and North West Counties Div 1 so i assume he has saw me doing them games constantly and thats what has lead to this appointment
Secondly what time do i usually arrive at these games? It's being played at a neutral ground with changing rooms if that helps and what do i wear on arrival?


RefChat Addict
Unless further details are forthcoming from competition / ref secretary, then the referee will likely contact you in advance to coordinate arrival time (or transport sharing).

Probably looking at an hour before kickoff, and no harm at all in going in shirt and county/district tie.

More importantly: congratulations.