Today's BP test


Level 5 Referee
Level 5 Referee
Quick update if anyone is interested.

Turned up this morning, bit of stretching (exactly the same as I'd done in practice a couple of Thursdays ago).

Set up for the sprints, first one, not even halfway through and felt my groin playing up (had felt a twinge when sitting down on Wednesday after I'd ran a line on Tuesday. Thought nothing of it as it didn't play up between then and today).

Ended up leaving it at that so as not to make things worse. I think if we'd done the 10 laps then the sprints then I may have been ok.

Anyway, looking to Wednesday 10th now. I'll have been at work beforehand so I'll already be warm. Need another BP test so to sort that out.

Will update again on the Thursday.

Edit - on a positive note, been appointed to an FA Cup EP round fixture as AR and an FA Vase fixture as AR next month, so looking forward to them!
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