The Fixture I Was Dreading Has Landed In My Inbox


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The inevitable has happened. Last season I refereed this derby fixture and it was probably my worst ever performance. Made a complete pig's ear of the 2nd half in particular. In my inbox for Saturday. Press confirm and get ready! Pre - match and first 15 minutes crucial.

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, Maybe I'm blind!
I used to love follow on games... They too knew what happened last time and rarely does lightening strike twice!
Chin up, chest out, It'll bi reet!!
Relax. Everyone has good and bad games, even players. I'm sure you'll do it all right now, as you became more experienced. Take your time and don't think about it too much. See it as any other game.

Tino Best

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I had a bad game earlier on this season and Sunday just gone I went back. I showed them the real ref . I was just as bad! I had a good game and didn't allow myself to reflect about my last performance.


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I'm sure we've all been in the situation where we've had a shocker then reffed the same fixture again later.
It's a completely different game. Different season means different players, different tactics, different conditions leading up to it.
Put last game out of your head and do the best job you can.


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I remember doing this, first time round binned the left back for VC after an hour and gave 3 penalties to the home team.

Second time round binned the skipper after 2 minutes for publicly calling me a cheat over a throw in on the halfway line... although he did offer to see me the following tuesday...