Storm abandons game


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Anyone able to help.

I abandoned my game this evening due to (lots of) lightning overhead but not sure how to tell the league, or even if I have to.
I'm new to the Scottish leagues system having joined from England so it is completely different from my experience.
I have to physically post team lines (sheets) to the league after each game and all I've done for now is write abandoned and why on the sheet with the score at the time but not sure if I have to write a match incident form.
Anyone know?

Richard smith

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The league in which the game was played will need notifying of the abandonment and the reason for it.
I had a weather related abandonment a few years back now and that's how I dealt with it to NO complaints whatsoever 😄


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The protocol will vary from area to area and league to league but you will undoubtedly have to give notification of the abandonment. In these circumstances it should be easy, along the lines of 'game was abandoned in xxth minute due to weather conditions'.

On a similar note, a colleague once abandoned a game on my local astro turf facility during a heavy lightning storm. The team winning at the time weren't too happy but he pointed out that the surrounding fence meant they were effectively playing in a big metal cage and they were welcome to stay on the field if they really wanted to.