Sock boots....


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Was observing today and pulled the referee up for a player having white calf length socks over their match socks....apparently when the referee questioned the player about it, he was told that they were part of the boot......and it isn't the first time I have heard/seen this over the last few weeks.

I am not aware of any boots currently available that come with 6"-9" long white socks as an integral part of the anyone else?

As far as i am concerned the referee has been hoodwinked by the player.......but happy to be proven otherwise.


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That’s the new cool look with the low ish mismatched socks - and it’s wrong. Hoodwinked indeed. I was AR and had a big ol’ row about this with a reserve league team recently.

Jack M

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You can get them. It is designed to keep the boot secure and less likely to come loose or off altogether after a challenge or running a lot

Brian Hamilton

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I have seen several of these over the last 2 seasons. I also saw recently a team whose foot and lower sock was white but the remainder of the sock was red. They are equalled in stupidity by the several cut off socks with a white ankle sock underneath