Sin Bin Rules - I have managed to confuse myself (again!)


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Hi all

So, I have spoken to a few people and I am at a point where I am totally confused, as I have read contradicting information from different CFA websites, and now brain cannot cope!

I am wondering if you would be able to assist me in clarifying something that came up in my game on Saturday afternoon regarding sinbins.

Event 1:
Pink captain commits dissent by words(s) at the start of the 2nd half.
Referee action 1:
I call him over and I take his name and explain that he is being sin-binned for dissent and show him a yellow card and point to the touchline.

Event 2:
Once he had returned to the FoP, within a matter of minutes, proceeds to commit further dissent by word(s).
Referee action 2:
I then inform him that he will be sin-binned again for dissent, show him the yellow card and point to the touchline.

Event 3:
Immediately after being sinbinned for the second time, as he is walking off, he commits further dissent by word(s).
Referee action 3:
As he walks away, I verbally inform him that he is no longer able to be replaced after the sin-bin time is up. The dissent was not enough to warrant an OFFINABUS RC, but constitutes further dissent.

My question here is regarding the following, as the event 3 is whilst he is technically in the sin bin, should a C2 (non-sinbin) card have been shown again and put in, or just the two sin bin C2s?

I have looked this up a few times at a few different places and I have to admit that I have managed to confuse myself beyond words!!

I know that he can no longer take part, and from what I read in a few CFA websites, by committing an offence whilst in the SB, he could no longer be replaced.

My query here is:

1. Should I have shown him a further yellow card?
2. What paperwork should be put in for that, is it a YC or Extraordinary incident?

Many thanks in advance!!

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Thinking back to my sin bin training, I believe any dissent whilst in the sin bin would be a normal yellow for dissent, so in your example he would have had 3 yellow cards.


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2 x c2 sin bins and 1 x c2 no sin bin.
After ("only") 2 sin bins player can be replaced.
But as he commits an offence whilst TD he can no longer be replaced at the end of the 10 mins which is the additional punishment.

Just send in as 3 cautions.


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Thank you gents.

I actually only put in as 2 sb as it was a couple of weeks back and I was awaiting confirmation, however, good to know for the future.

when will players learn. ;-)