Sian Massey


Simply The Best
Lots of SG officials, both refs & assistants, do games in FL as well as PL. Sian's done a number of PL lines this season and it's not really a surprise to see her in FL (especially, and I'm not sure, if it's a TV game)

Also, what Championship game is she on? From what I can see, she's not out at all this weekend but got a middle on Tuesday & next Saturday?


Simply The Best
Peterborough aren't playing Sheff Utd till Tues. She's not on a game tomorrow at all.
She's got Conf North middles next Tues 29th & Sat 2nd (MOAS is an amazing tool!)
yeah, I spoke to Darren Cann and lee Betts at our RA meal Thursday, they said she had been out with injury, but she passed her fitness test and started off on the football league :)