Shocking 48 hours

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Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Lost my daughters boyfriends older brother today 58, pancreatic cancer..... RIP. Known it was coming but 2 teenage kids now haven’t a father...

Then I get a call from my brother to say he has a lump in his neck that the biopsy says is 80% cancerous.. Something behind his tonsils...WTF

We’ve all got issues guys, keep healthy, keep doing and having those checks, Football is important but your health is paramount! Stay safe...
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Always around if you want to talk SF! Have gone through similar with friends/family but can't begin to imagine how you're feeling. We're all here for you!

I've been harking on about this to my mates but the importance of mental and physical health (particularly men's) can't be understated - no problem is too small, never be afraid to talk. Keep getting checked by doctors if you see anything you're worried about too - always better to be safe than sorry.

All the best SF <3

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Update, brother had his tonsils out on Monday (after a cancellation) and is obviously under the weather this week. They've taken biopsies on what they found behind his tonsils to see what's what, two weeks for the results apparently!!