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Found some footage of a match I did earlier on in the season and boy is it weird to see yourself referee. I've rewatched the match and noticed a few things so thought I'd share here for your entertainment/analysis.

It wont let me embed it, so heres the link -

12:58 - Foul by Red 10, I delay the whistle to see if there may be any advantage, but nothing came. Simple free kick.
17:30 - Red 7 wipes out the green player with his follow-through. Again I wait to see if theres a potential advantage but nothing happens. The classic "I got the ball ref" line comes out, and then a little outburst so I take him to one side to have a word, along with the skipper to try and calm him down.
21:00 - Not too sure about my positioning at this FK. I think I was trying to look along the back line to check for offside to make sure if the CAR did raise his flag I could make it sure it was right, but probably not the best place to be.
21:18 - I've rewatched and it's impossible to tell wether he was OS or not, but I guess thats a time when you have to trust CAR's
27:15 - No penalty - Player went to ground very easily, and the fact that none of the players really appealed seems to suggest I got that right, from a good position.
29:40 - Loooking back, it looks like the green player gets taken out. At the time I didn't think so and gave a throw-in. He then get's up and shouts at me, I can't remember the full spiel, but he called me 'divvy' in there. Dissent, 10 minutes in the sin-bin.
37:22 - Red 7 fouls again. Looking back, this would have been a good time to give the caution, alas I don't.
46:25 - I remmeber being really unsure about this at the time, looking at it again I don't know why as it's a clear free kick. I don't know why the red defender is protesting his innocence.
48:05 - Decide to give the red 10 a talking to here, might have been a better idea to just issue a card? Instead, I let him know, no more.
48:40 - The biggest drama of the first half. Looking back, I can't tell and I had no better angle so had to rule the goal out for offside. Green were not happy. To be fair, the flag does go up straight away.
55:37 - I take the chance to give instructions to the new CAR on the far side. Easy way to get brownie points from the observer.
60:28 - Clear foul by the green player, looking back I've noticed I spoke to a lot of players this game, pheraps it would have been simpler to just go with cards.
62:50 - Handbags. Looking back Red 6 should probably have got a yellow here. I would also like to point out the green coach came onto the pitch to help drag his players away. I was glad he didn't make the situation any worse, but I didn't deal with it in the best way. Instead of booking anyone (I don't think I was sure enough of what I saw to know who to book) I decide to have a word with the captains. Noticing a theme yet?
64:20 - From the free-kick above I give a penalty for a holding offence, right in front of me. 100% nailed on penalty, I don't think I could've been better positioned to make this decision. The only thing was at the time, I forgot who was the attacking team so I blow and then have to wait for a reaction before deciding to point to the spot, or for a deffensive free kick. Not the best sell of a penalty, but it definitely was one, so overall I was happy.
66:50 - Another two players square up to each other, perhaps if I'd have given the YC at the handbags earlier it wouldn't have happened? Alas it did, and both players find themselves in the book for USB-AA
100:42 - Red 7 finally gets his place in the book, better late than never? He certainly had enough chances.

Would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts/comments.


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I've seen plenty of photographs of myself in action and depressingly I don't come across as the finely tuned athlete I imagine myself to be so I'll stay clear of videos. I must admit that I didn't watch your video but I'd be rather terrified to assess my performance in such detail. I do review my performances but focus on 2-3 incidents or decisions and try and identify something to improve for the next game.