Restarting play after incorrect decision.


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Take the following example: centre forward is stood offside but not interfering, ball lobbed over defence and AR lifts flag and you blow instinctively and immediately realise the guy wasn't interfering in anyway. Attackers go crazy as winger who was onside had a chance to run onto it.

You confirm with AR that the flag was for the guy you know was not interfering so you shouldn't gave whistled, so knowing you got it wrong how do you restart play?


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BOOM! And there it is, I did exactly this yesterday and was told by assessor afterwards I was wrong in law. I am awaiting to see if he includes it in the report. Cheers.


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@RegalRef something along those lines!

In truth what I would have done is given the offside, but knowing I'd messed up on that occasion made sure I had my wits about me for the rest of the game.


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I agree @DaveMac .

For me if you've already stopped the play and called it back stick to your guns and give the IDFK, make sure your sharper and get the next few close ones spot on.