Resource update request.


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As I'm no good with Excel and I have no idea where to post this, I wonder if I could make a request for someone to update the RefStat Excel tracker to include the new manager cautions/dismissals in that section of the tracker?


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Ok, here goes:

This is what I've changed, keep in mind I've no idea how to go around Excel so if there are issues, whoops, go back to the original version. :)

* Cautions and Dismissals sheet:

* Added Team official caution and dismissal codes.
* Edited the hidden sheets to enable these to be copied elsewhere (If you have different codes you can unhide the sheets and replace the codes, it shouldn't break anything in theory).

Summary page:

* Added caution and dismissal codes.
* Split the Overall category to track player and team official cautions/dismissals separately

I haven't messed around with the details page though, but from what I can see the coding is already there to track team official cautions and dismissals. You should theoretically be able to add further columns to track that if you need to. I haven't touched it as I think the charts are more useful for cautions/dismissals on the field.

These are the codes I'm using (I have been sent these by my area assoc based in Wales, so might be different in England etc.)

CTO (Caution Team Official):

1: Persistently not respecting the confines of their teams technical area.
2. Delaying the restart of play
3: Deliberately entering the opposition's technical area (non-confrontational)
4. Dissent by word or action
5. Caution due to repeated warnings.
6. Showing a lack of respect for the game.

(My AA actually split CTO4 into four further subcategories, but I'm keeping it as just 'dissent'.)

STO (Sent-off Team Official):

01: Delaying the restart for opposition teams.
02: Second Caution.
03: Use of unauthorised electronic equipment.
04a: Leaves Technical area to remonstrate with a match official
04b: Acts in a provocative or inflammatory manner
04c: Enters opposition technical area in an aggressive/confrontational manner
05: Offinabus
06: Entering the F.O.P. to confront a match official.
07: (Unused)
08: Entering the F.O.P. to interfere (with play or officials)
09: Deliberately kicking/throwing object onto F.O.P.
10: Aggressive behaviour (towards anyone)
11: Violent Conduct.
12: Dismissed for any other reason.

I do note that 7 is unused... I half expect this to be condensed in the future but we'll see, and we won't use some of these at grassroots at all.

Feel free to fix any of my errors(!) or test it and see what I've broken.