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If a player is being substituted and while leaving the pitch removes his shirt and angrily throws it on the floor does that warrant a caution and if so what for?

It happened in a friends game yesterday so thought I'd ask I here


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No caution for me, removing the shirt only comes under goal celebrations IMO unless the player is really ugly/ hairy chested then caution for unsporting behaviour ;)


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I wouldn't caution for that. As mentioned by others the only time you are obliged by law to caution for shirt removal is after a goal celebration, so all you will achieve by that is causing more issues. Let the manager and subs deal with the stroppy player!


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LoTG say no caution for taking the shirt off, could rub salt in to his wounds and caution him under C1 Aggressive Attitude - Would be harsh and I wouldn't. No caution is best answer here IMO

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I'd agree SM, that's time wasting for the sake of it. The original post described a player throwing teddy from the pram and having a hissy fit as he grudgingly mooched off. I'd let him go and be done with him, let the club take away his crisps & pop as a punishment lol