Refsworld UK arm pouch

Hi, just asking for a general review on the Refsworld arm pouch holder. Just purchased it from them and I would just like some thoughts on people who have got/used it. I know it can be used for receiver units for the Ervo's and Touchlines, but is it useful for anything else?

Thanks guys!


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Yup. Phone and keys for when you don't get the luxury of a locked changing room. I've been known to lock all my stuff away in the car then put my car key in the pouch.
Hi Ross, Thanks for the reply, how far around does the Velcro go, as I have fairly small biceps (don't really need your biceps for refereeing!). Would you be so kind to send me a photo of it please?



The avuncular one
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The velcro will go as tight as you need. That said, I would recommend an undershirt as it pinches the skin a bit without one when you fasten it.

I have one of these and it's great. Plenty of space, nice and tight, tucked under shirt. Highly recommended.


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I've used mine for my RefsCall, they fit all of the flag receivers and I've also managed to squeeze in the older Vokkero Comms units into mine. Decent bit of kit for the price.