Referee-Inactive - Training 4.25



With the thought of the sea gently lapping against my toes as I polish off another ice lolly, I agreed to Paul's hint that we should train tonight. It was supposed to be yesterday morning but holiday shopping took preference. Good job really as I was still a pair of decks shoes, some spending money and sun cream short of packing.

Packing started last night after I sat ironing t-shirts and shirts. It was only after 2 hours that I decided to count how many I'd done and found I had enough t-shirts to stay 3 weeks, so some went back in the cupboard.

I wish I could have hidden with them tonight as Paul and I decided to replicate our session from Friday but with a little bit of extra warm up work. We did our 6 laps of our field under the watchful eye of a family out walking their dogs. They passed comment every time we passed them and we did our best to ignore them. On the last lap I decided to up the pace for the last 100m or so and I managed to hit 100% of my max heart rate (well done me!).

So with the possibility of one more session (Wednesday morning) before I head off on holiday, tonight I burned 940 calories, average heart rate 84% with 19% of time at maximum intensity and 43% at hard intensity. My lungs are starting to feel better already ...