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Looking to potentially start reading any referee related books. Autobiographies or just general books.

anyone have any recommendations?

No points for whoever comments first with the LOTG book.


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Howard Webb’s autobiography is good.

Currently reading and enjoying ‘Blowing the Whistle: the Psychology of Football Refereeing’ and that’s really good. Although that might just be because I studied psychology. Not sure how enjoyable it’d be if I didn’t

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The best refereeing book I have read is The Art of Refereeing, which was first published as For the Good of the Game. By Evans and Bellion. I don't know if it is back in print--you might have to find a used copy.

Webb's biograpy is in interesting.

Edit: Realized i combined the two titles, so fixed it.
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i have books from jeff winter graham poll david ellery. mark halsey pierluiggi colina and others it shows a lot of because
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I loved Howard Webb's of which was an excellent book to read. I've also Red Jeff Winter's who also doesn't hold back and gives a good insight into the world of football refereeing.