Referee Assaults

The Bstard

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There have been too many of these, and as a victim twice (to varying degrees) I'm getting fed up.

What I'm asking is that, if you have been assaulted in the last three years, you drop me a PM with as much detail as you can of the incident and the length of ban if possible (or an email if you'd rather to I'd like to collate these, in an attempt toward the start of 2016, to send a wide-ranging email to Ian Blanchard.

Mods - a sticky would be great.
Absolutely Richard!

What parents, players and spectators fail to realise is you look at the game through your eyes. Which isn't always helped by professional refs, as they all have different tolerance levels. Just yesterday a game in league 2 saw a ref not give a foul for ages, or a card till 70+ mins, but these would have been different from another ref on another day.

No matter what, there shouldn't be any place at any time for this. In end of day it's just a game.
It's exactly that. Just a game and people take it far too seriously .
Having said that I take my duties seriously when I'm officiating

I was at the West Ham Chelsea game the other night. And it makes you despair as to what kind of people surround football ...