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Ciley Myrus

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One of my leagues awarded a fair play award at season end. We were asked to allocated 3, 2, and 1 point to best and fairest players on the day. Our association sent an email to all officials qualified for the league telling them the requirement and asking if anyone wanted to be removed from the list of appointments for that league. No one did.

I do one league where a MOTM is required on the form. I disagree with it but its what they want so its what they get, unless someone scores 6 goals or the gk is clearly inspired, its mostly a random award from me
Being asked to do a 1 2 3 though is stretching it a bit
I would like to think if that instruction came from a league here, our association would say no, not asking our refs to do that.
Is there also a MOBO award or Golden Globe or Noel Edmonds Gottcha award to be given out too?

Ref got enough to deal with without catergorising players like that.