Re-entering the field of play


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hi folks just a quick one. If a player is asked to leave the FOP play by a referee to correct equipment must they exit and re-enter at the half way line? Also what is the procedure for a player going off the FOP for medical attention in terms of returning during play or not and which touch line they return from?

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They need not enter at the halfway line. If during a stoppage, they can enter from any boundary line, during play, it must be from the touch line (either touch line).

Peter Grove

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Actually, for a player who has left the field to correct their equipment, the law does not specify where they are allowed to re-enter. However, since their equipment must be checked by a match official before re-entering I would say that in almost all cases that would mean it having to be from the touch-line.

For a player returning after injury, see the reply from @AlexF.