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Lighting the darkest hour
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Anybody ordered embroidered kit from here before? And/or any idea on the delivery time?

I ordered a new CFA badged shirt which they say has been dispatched but not arrived yet. No means of tracking either or anything obvious on timescales.

Not being impatient- it gets here when it gets here - but looking for an idea of when to expect it and then check it’s not lost en route.


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Took a while when I ordered last time, and the badge wasn't the correct one (I was at a rare CFA though). Used A&H since and never had issues, also used the actual FA which was decent.


Lighting the darkest hour
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It arrived yesterday. 48 Hour Parcelforce but took over a week from dispatch message to delivery.


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I bought some shirts from them with embroidery season before last.

It was as the last Nike kits were introduced, so there were some supply issues, but nothing major.

A&H were much much worse, slow, unresponsive to EMAS and phone calls, and about £10 more expensive.