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Last Saturday Fleetwood took a quick free kick (badly) which hit a Southend player who was running back (not trying to block it) and the referee ordered a retake from which they scored (not that I'm bearing any grudges!) Today Southend attempted a quick free kick against Burton and a similar thing happened but the referee did not order a retake. Which referee was correct?

Note: In the first incident, the defender was not cautioned for not respecting the required distance.


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For what it's worth, IMO, if the defender is genuinely attempting to retreat his 9.15m and the team take the FK and it hits him then it's play on. If he is making a half hearted attempt I'd probably order a retake and offer the defender a few words of advice. If he was standing in top of the ball I'd be ordering a retake and giving a yellow.

ben cuthy

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Situation in cup final earlier today... free kick centre circle, player stands over ball and bounces about between ball and the player who has spotted a great opportunity for a quick kick... player goes to try kick is blocked slightly loses temper and decides to try and smack the ball as hard as he can... player standing over it moves over and bang leg is tacken out by the free kick taker... all happening within 4-5 seconds of original desicion... whats peoples thoughts??

Russell Jones

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In Ben's example, clear yellow for the defender (for not respecting the required distance) and from the way you describe it, a yellow also for the attacker for adopting an aggressive attitude .. but it would need to be really clear that he was trying to hurt the defender (with the ball) rather than just hit a long free kick ...

ben cuthy

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Emm ok I try and rephrase that :p
Green player is fouled while on counter attackin center circle, his team mate grabs ball puts it down and looks to try and play a quick freekick, blue player now defending see that he wants to take the kick, so the blue player steps over the ball and effectively shields the ball from the attacker, green player tries to kick it and quite deliberately kicks the players leg... this all happens quite quick so there wasn't time for ref to deal with it quickly