Pre season


Level 7 Referee
I’ve got some preseason games coming through- at the moment, all of them on the line. As it stands, 2 are u23 county level, 2 are men’s county, and 4 are involving semi professional teams- from the isthmian league. Towards the season, two teams, one from from the national league south and one from the isthmian league had a friendly during the season behind closed doors which I got on but apart from that, all my lines have been u23 county or cup finals or woman’s national league reserves. I’ve not kept up training as much as I should have during this off season and I don’t feel prepared at all. In addition, being 16 and put on these games, I feel I need to prove a point- when I did the game between the NLS team and isthmian mid season( as mentioned above), the other officials seem concerned when I turned up and they found out my age (we all had a good laugh about it later and he said I did an excellent job with clear signals). Does anyone have any advice about any area of these upcoming matches? I don’t feel prepared enough at all and I’ve done some training but not what I feel is enough so I don’t feel confident enough. My first pre season line is tomorrow evening and it’s a county team vs an isthmian team. Does anyone have any general tips about anything? Pre match routine, communication, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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