Port Vale v Swindon


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Anyone seen this incident leading to red card and penalty?

I actually agree with the ref, to a degree.
I know the keeper is protecting himself but I think he has endangered safety here...
1:17 if it doesn't take it directly.
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Absolutely correct, gks are taught to approach that kind of ball like that, in the hope the striker pulls out, leaving the gk free to claim the ball.
Mostly, the striker does.
on this occasion, the tactic has not paid off for the gk,

great shout ref.
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It's a blatant kick out! Not sure in the point of contact, but looks pretty red to me. Not sure there's much the yellow player needed to do differently


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Cant recall but Barthez? was sent off for Utd coming to claim like this but raked his studs all over the striker
someone came out with foot always up like this in a top game, cba googling but am sure it was a Utd gk.


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Well, there's a rarity! Certainly looks like the keeper has extended his knee/leg as the attacker ran in. Probably thought he would get away with it, as they usually do!


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Pen and red. This had nothing to do with protecting himself. Full credit to the referee for getting it being so far away and not the best angle but I think the AR and the comms had something to do with it.


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From the angle of the video it doesn’t even look like the striker will make that much contact until the keeper extended his leg. Correct decision imo


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Certainly an easy call from the side - not totally sure if the same applies from the more standard ref position. Definite credit to the AR here for me.