Penalty kick toss


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was watching a cup final today. Went to pens
Got me thinking what is correct procedure for the deciding ends and who takes first
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Thanks I did look through the ifab app quickly but couldn’t see it
Keep in mind that the ref also has the authority to decide there is a better end to take the kicks. While that is unlikely in a stadium for a professional game, it’s pretty likely for a grass roots game. Since this provision was added, I haven’t had a game with potential for KFTM where it was not obvious that there was a clear choice as to which goal should be used.


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Sometimes I'll ask the managers for their views. Sometimes they'll have a very legitimate point that I may have overlooked.

A few years back when I started, the two managers asked me to swap the end I picked because of the position of the sun. They both argued that the keepers sightline would be impacted by it.

The last KFPM I had, both managers wanted the end where the majority of the fans and the clubhouse was, and I didn't really see any reason to object.

I'll only do this if there are no major issues (i.e. muddy area), and it's just something to get them on board together beforehand. It's also handy to get them together to go through the procedure/rules before we start; If they can't agree, I'll go with the coin toss.


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I mind being present at a senior national q/f years ago, at the time, the ground was being done up, so the usual away end, behind the goal, was now stuffed into side bit, whereas the traditionally vocal home support bit, was occupied as usual by the home fans.
Game went to pens, and, given the choice of, shooting into a construction site, or, shooting into 2500 home fans, as an away fan that night, I struggled to understand why the empty end was not chosen. Seems fairer for both to shoot into no fans, rather than away team shooting staring into a bouncy section

of course now i realise its for the benefit of spectators, over, limited spectators

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Examples include road behind one goal, crowd behind one goal, netting behind goal only at one end, strong wind, one penalty area muddy, etc. (for UK; some don't happen elswhere!
sun can be another big factor on some fields—GKs should not have to look into the sun during KFTPM

also in public parks, where people are most like to be walking can be a big factor—as can another field being behind one of the goals.


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Problem with the sun is that often if it's in GK's eyes, if you swap ends it will be in the eyes of the kick takers


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GK who has to watch a moving ball wins that every time. Never make the GK look into the sun for KFTM.
100% this. The keeper has to look into the sun for at least 5 penalties, attackers have to do it just once unless it goes all the way back round again.