Penalty kick outcome cheat sheet 1.0

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The book should be fundamentally based on content like this. Absolutely no requirement for the wordy nonsense that's evolved into a cryptic mess that only serves to justify promotion via questionable translation, which in turn adds to the confusion for everyone involved in football
The LOTG could be condensed into a score (or so) of these tables or process flows. A more comprehensive definitions section is also needed
Again, football lagging behind imo

Big Cat

RefChat Addict
I used to craft such things when i first started out, to help pass the test and as a memory aid. Here's an example for the Kick Off
This might be incomplete, it's one of dozens that I did a good while back and haven't looked since.. Ultimately, there's no need for wordy text. It wouldn't be that difficult for the right people to turn such an amateurish effort into something suitable to publish