Ouch ouch ouch ouch......aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ciley Myrus

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Jeezo, poor St Mirren player... as if getting a flying boot into his crown jewels was not bad enough (for which DU player was sent off), he also appears to be receiving some, erm, dubious treatment to the same area by another DU players hand !!!

If I was a bit childish, I would be laughing at the handy DU player's name, but...I will leave it there !!!!! _105586008_butcher.jpg


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The still photograph doesn't reflect just how bad a challenge this was from the Dundee United player. He charged in from several yards away with his foot in that position.


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On a related point for this match the yellow given for the forearm smash. Sportscene’s talking heads gleefully condemned it but set me wondering if it was a case of the referee simply pulling out the wrong card. It looked to me like he went to the same pocket on his shirt both times. Pulled the yellow in error and flashed it before realising perhaps? Then decided it was too late to change and it was done with?