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love this quiz show (not that I'm very good at it...) and with that in mind, here's my referee themed connecting wall:

the aim of the game (for those unfamiliar) is to split the answers into 4 connecting groups - note that there may be answers which answer more than one clue, but that's part of the game! Once you've clicked 4 answers the game will tell you if you're right or not.

I hope I haven't made the links too tenuous or hard...if so I can create a newer, easier version!
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RefChat Addict

Give that one a go - I'm ashamed to say I'd have only scored one point on yours 😫

brilliant! managed to get all 4 groups (though very fortunately...) and 3 of the links (only because one of them I tried to research for my wall but couldn't find a third!!)