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I got as far as the line ups with the hilarious nicknames flashing up and that was it. I will however predict there is a mass brawl over a huge call like a throw at the half way line, probably 3/4 serious foul play tackles of which 2 are giving as fouls and maybe 1 as a yellow card, manager runs on park at some point, there is the clearest DOGSO of all time but as the ref is so far away its not given, and probably they shout all manner of things throughout the game at the ref yet at the final whistle they all bear hug him and say what a good game he has had.

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We once had a new duct fitter start, years ago, nobody knew him or where or how he’d got the job.
He’d worked s few days but was quiet as a mouse, a few asked me his name so I just said ‘Dave’ after Only Fools... a couple of weeks later after the name stuck he come up to me and asked me why everybody was calling him Dave, he never seen Only Fools and said his name was Simon or something else ..... anyway Dave stuck! 😂😂😂

We also had 2 John Mills, they were related Uncle and nephew... it was confusing so the older one had been in the Merchant Nsvy, looked nothing like him but he became Uncle Albert, even signed his name Bert after a bit... Loved the joke.... 👍


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I was browsing some stuff on YouTube and this was recommended. Thoughts?
Actually it is a bit funny. The film all their matches and USUALLY supportive of the ref if he’s made the right decision or understanding if he’s made the wrong decision. Of course if the ref makes a major mistake and it’s clear on the screen they take the piss - fair enough. They are just as harsh if not more on their own players. Worth a laugh every once in a while.

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I’ve watched loads of Palmers and a bit of a few copycat channels.

With Palmers, yes, style is not for everyone, but I think it’s great fun. There is sime hilarious stuff in there. And there’s a lot of humility.

There’s a London team with bigger crowds and very loud coaches where perhaps the level of banter, goading is a bit off.

But Palmers in the show and on the field are always balanced, honest and respectful with the refs. So, big thumbs up from me.
I've had a chuckle out of it now and then - and really, good on them - taking the time and effort to do all of this, promote their local football and have a bit of fun with the comp


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I used to watch their videos quite a lot, but just don't have much time to watch youtube videos anymore.

As has already been mentioned they are generally supportive of referees and there are a few that they get semi regularly that they might poke a bit of fun at, but never anything malicious that I've seen.