Not refereeing per se, but involves a report

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I support a non league football team and our manager attended a personal hearing about a charge he was facing for improper conduct.
Long story short, he lost and now has a £500 fine and 3 game ban.

Apparently he wants to appeal again.

My question is: what happens if he does jndeed appeal again, do the FA repeat the process or does it go further? (i.e. UEFA?)

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I cannot be certain on this but i would presume it would be heard by a separate panel that heard the first one, an appeals panel. They are therefore impartial. No it would not go to UEFA.

Appealing an appeal is not going to end well.


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He's no doubt realising how expensive the price is for not controlling his behaviour. Is he appealing the decision, the number of games banned, the size of the fine or all three? Does the CFA have the concept of an additional fine for bringing a frivolous appeal?


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Bets thing is to look at a) Comp rules and also b) County handbook - one or both will explain appeals procedure and the cost.

Not sure if you can appeal to national FA after county - I wouldn't have thought so, but that's just guesswork - check the official documents would be my advice.

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I appealed twice on FA incompetence.... They just close ranks and throw it under the carpet! Shambolic! Loved addressing the top FA solicitor though and telling him what I thought of his organization personally! 😂😂


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Yes, he can appeal the decision even though the original decision was made by the FA. It would be heard by an independent commission at Wembley. They wouldn't have the referee present though, and would essentially just be determining whether the original commission was wrong to issue the sanctions they did based on the evidence presented to them. It can also be very expensive as if you lose the appeal you are liable for all costs, including travel of all commission members who could be coming from all over England.