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Def Leppard, Sean Bean, When Saturday Comes... signs are all pointing to one city ;)

The look on my daughter's face this morning when I told her I was on the cover of a publication was a picture. "Who put you on there?" she asked. I told her the editor did, and the grin on her face was a mile wide. Then she said "Do you know the editor?" I nodded and then she clicked. "It's you isn't it!" Absolute stinger, put down by a 7-year old :wow:

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Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
I had to do one for my mums funeral, hardest 5 minutes of my life having to read it out. I've done presentations in front of 25 sales people and also very clever consultants asking very taxing questions on my solutions but that speech was the hardest to construct and deliver. You done well!!