New Year Game......


First Sunday(10th) game of the new year and its a 40 mile round trip, that's if there's no floods to negotiate en route......


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Got a game lined up on the 3rd as well....

Will be first game in a month and coming off the back of 10 days of sitting in the sun with all you can eat buffet followed by Toby Carvery Christmas & Boxing Day dinners.

Needless to say, got some additional excess lard to burn off! :confused:

Russell Jones

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Managed to sneak in a line on the 28th but have given myself this coming weekend off .. which saves the weather the job of doing it for me! But then (hopefully) back to full on with games planned for the 6th, 9th, 10th & 12th!


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Big local derby for me on the 2nd, the game always attracts a big crowd so I'm looking forward to that. Then off to Goodison on the 3rd to watch my beloved Spurs destroy Everton :D

Charlie Jones

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game on the 3rd! nice AR to ease me in to 2016 lol

off to the holy ground that is Upton Park to watch West Ham do the 'double' over Liverpool on the 2nd


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This weekend games called off(x2)
Next Saturday already called off as the team is playing in county cup fixture from 2nd December!
I'm considering going fishing....