New futsal DOGSO confusion

Obviously, my reply below highlights the confusion around this law change.

The way I've read the changes and the signals in the 2020-21 laws, I believe you count to four just as you did in the past. Using the old "one thousand one, one thousand two" method, I believe that you finish the seconds signal as you count "one". In other words, I count "one thousand one", and my arm extends with the one as I say "one" to myself.

So after we say "four", and our arm extends for the fourth count, we would then blow the whistle.

Like I said, it's all confusing. I would say that as long as we are consistently counting and signaling, the teams should adjust. FIFA and IFAB once again make things much more confusing . . .
Well, luckily my first game is AR2 on the clock for men's third tier on Saturday. But later in the afternoon I will do womens top flight futsal - and it will be the first match of the season for one team and for me and the other ref. And there will be cameras.

Much potential for hilarity. Particularly because - and I wouldn't have taken the game if I had known - the other ref is the most difficult character I have ever officiated with - and I was this close to binning him in our last game together! So, it's a triple challenge - but I'm up for it!
A&H International
Nothing much happened bar a lot of unnecessary shouting.

But then last weekend in a close 5-7 mens game I had...

Accidental handball goal leading to 7th cumulative foul and 10m kick scored by the opponent!

They’d missed the first 10m kick. As attacker entered the area, GK slid in, ball bounced up against his arm then down onto his foot, trickled in. I blew fast. Called the sequence of events. It was a difficult sell but SOLD!!!