New Adidas Boots


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An accident waiting to happen if you ask me, no room for the ankle to move about which will inevitably lead to many more broken ankles


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I'm sure a big company like Adidas wouldn't drop such a clanger as to create a boot that doesn't comply with the laws of the game.
And not sure how there is 'no room for the ankle to move' when they say 'new levels of flexibility' you can also see the seam if you look at the picture where it shows the separation as such albeit hard to spot due to lighting and it all in black.
Biggest problem i see with it is getting the right socks and also that it looks ridiculous


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Agreed, bit stupid looking. Knitted football boots? Lol sounds like something a gran makes a baby as a gift.

Watch this now change the face of football forever. :)


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Again I think they look stupid, but I don't see anything that doesn't comply with the LOTG, it would be down to the ref on the day and so to check I would have to feel them for myself, if they aren't sturdy enough, the player wouldn't take part. Also I hope the sock is big enough to completely cover the whole shin pad?


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They do look ridiculous and there's no way you'd catch me wearing them, but I can't see anything that doesn't comply with the LOTG.


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I can't see how they contravene the laws of the game, but they look ridiculous and if you do break your ankle, they will be really difficult to remove.