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Attempts to trip... Gnabry on Robertson... leads to offside chance for Lewandovski... ref is giving nothing ... Sadio's been fouled so many times...

So many Trafford decisions here, it's frightening


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Hate the "let's wait for VAR" offside decisions.
Clearly in offside position and assistant gingerly runs wanting to flag but doesn't.
In that time Lewandowski runs through, keeper comes out, could have collided hurting one or the other, instead ball slides under and goes towards goal. Again, this time a defender, forward could slide to redivert it goal bound by taking man too. Potentially causing injuries when he is clearly off.
And yes, he had played the ball before keeper came rushing out.
The "foul" on Martinez, where Martinez pulled Firminio's shirt, and there was a delayed whistle, and then the ref tried to tell Javi that he was looking for an advantage - 20 yards inside the Bayern half... dismal, double dismal.


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Given that Bayern are asking him to make a decision Every. Single. Time they're tackled, I think he's doing OK to ignore the majority of the collapses and feigned injuries. That of course doesn't excuse the odd time he has fallen for them - and the fact he seems to have taken the "all footballers are trying to cheat me" mentality and applied it harshly to both sides is irritating.