Millwall v Rotherham keeper challenge

Ciley Myrus

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Now hello then. Reference this clip with the recent Hearts Rangers Arfield sending off, where the less proactive out there slammed the referee for being heavy handed and suggested he got lucky etc, and its best to stand by and observe....

Not exact same granted, but its neigh impossible to find identical clips...

Referee nowhere in screen, does not appear in 6 yard box until its too late

And one booking is not acceptable there, esp with assistants..

Big Cat

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The culprit jumped over a player on the deck, but it probably was SFP nonetheless. Very hard to spot TBF and I fancy the incident might have looked worse from other angles
I don't think the ref had a chance to get amongst this to affect any sort of break-up. He would just have ended up in the scrum


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Strange place that the referee came from, you'd have expected him to come in from the other touchline. Not sure what he could really have done though, escalated far too quickly to be able to break it up. Very surprised at only one caution, I'd be expecting at least one from each team even if I did accept that the challenge that sparked it wasn't a red.

Wouldn't you just love to take the female Millwall supporter you can hear on the video home to meet your mum .... ? :)