Man City V Tottenham (20/04)

Tomorrow's game will go one of two ways. I don't see any other alternative.
  1. The teams will be so mentally exhausted that the game will be a real snoozefest.
  2. The emotions are still so raw from Tuesday that it's going to be a real battle.
My money's on 1) happening, but I've been wrong before. I'll be up early in the States to watch!


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Has there been one of these champions league rematches in the league that means so much? The game is so critical to both teams and then you throw in the emotion of mid week. Michael Oliver could have his hands full.

Ciley Myrus

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the handball debate can rumble on, whatever view you have on it, I think you can have empathy with the alternate view, so leaving that aside, had the City last min goal stood, then I think things might be a bit more powder keg, given its a factual call which "(would) have wrongly decided the result of the tie.


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Dont get fooled, its not like too many outsiders like City!
Its just, anybody but that other lot!
If that lot win there will be a week long bus parade. Every male born in Liverpool will be names Jurgen or Virgil. It will instantly be the best league title victory in the history of football. Good Lord it will be insufferable.

Come on City, do it for the rest of the football watching UK!!


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I'm not having a kit clash here, they aren't even vaguely close. It would have actually been worse had Spurs been in their normal white shirts.