Man City game


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Just seen the City penalty that was awarded.

Not sure if any card was issued but is that not a red card for DOGSO, once the foul has been given (its a deliberate foul)


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Control or likelihood to gain control was a definite issue. If it's not a red card then it should be no card. I don't see what the yellow was for. Even USB has to have reason on why it's unsporting.
What on earth was with the VAR offside delays? None of them should have taken more than a few seconds to review. One took 3 nearly minutes. (And no added time in the second half - don't say nothing was at stake, City could have set a record score.)


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I can only assume they had a temporary technology issue, can't think of any other reason as it was pretty obvious.

Standard practice for seniors referees in cup games to kill it bang on 90, or add at most one minute. Goal difference doesn't matter, and the law of sod dictates that if you do unnecessarily play added time something will kick off and you'll end up regretting it.