Mad dissent


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Home team leading 5-0 with half an hour to go and concede a free kick. After the whistle the home centre half launched the ball over by the club house. Easy yellow card for dissent as he had plenty of time to stop and think. 15 minutes later at 6-0 the home left back overlapped but I blew for offside. After the whistle he booted the ball behind the goal. Another easy yellow. With 5 minutes to go and now 7-0 the home centre forward was offside. I blew and yes, you guessed it, he booted the ball over the goal, over a wall and into the next county! Now I have to be consistent right? Yes, another yellow card. Now, I understand frustration and use empathy when necessary but surely at 5-0, 6-0 an 7-0 you can't use the excuse of being frustrated! Home manager and secretary were fine.
Away secretary was also fine with my decision to bin his centre forward. Apparently, according to the centre forward who fell over after standing on the ball, I'm a f***ing tool!

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Maybe I'm foolish, Maybe I'm blind!
Well done PP, if they don’t listen it’s not your fault that you react to idiocy. Glad you’ve acted and don’t worry about the personal stuff, water off a ducks back. Next time you see the striker you can use your tools again to spoil his bank balance again!

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, Maybe I'm blind!
Remember one lad that used to be a persistent pain in the rectum, one sure way of calming him down was to give 50:50s against him, his inner rage would come out, earn his customary yellow card then he’d be a pleasure to referee. Same crap though next game until he’d oblige with his rubbish! Job done