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I had a referee match yesterday and had parents running the line. Near the end of the match a through ball was played to the attacker and a goal was scored. From the position i was in i didnt think the attacker was offside so i carried on with play, however the linesman put his flag up to say he was offside. In this situation do you go on your opinion? (which was he was onside and give the goal) or do you have to go with the linesman?


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All depends on what "authority" you've given to the "linesman". If you've told them to flag for it then unless you truly believe (as you seem to) that they've got it wrong (in which case you'd overrule their flag) you'd normally go with their decision.
Were they better placed to make the call than you? 🙂


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Ultimately it's your decision. As Kes says, it's useful to brief the club assistants to make it clear that you will overrule them if you're sure they're wrong in law. Typically this happens when they flag early and someone else runs through from an onside position. It's the being sure that really matters - and whether from the position you're in that your decision is credible. If you are playing on, a big shout and a wave to the assistant helps show you're in control and making a positive decision.
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I very rarely work with club lines (only if an AR doesn't show), but often work with newbie ARs. For all ARs I tell them I'm going with their flag on OS unless I see something I believe they didn't see. I also tell then that if a goal scores on a play where I wave down the flag, I will come talk to them before I make a final decision. And I tell them if I wave down a flag I promise to explain what I saw and why I waved it down at half or after the game. As others have said, all decisions are the R's decision; ARs or linesmen provide advice and assistance to the R in making many of those decisions.