Leeds v Derby


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Good game so far.

Anthony Taylor, in my opinion, has been superb. Carded when needed and done early to stop any shenanigans.
Bamford booking, was harsh, but wasn't a penalty either. Though I hear he fell over earlier in the game (not watched every minute as been doing dinner) in the area and maybe the ref thought enough is enough, plus he has a reputation, rightly or wrongly.

Only thing I can see that will lose this for Leeds is the keeper. Seems in no man's land a lot of the time when coming out. No doubt a good keeper, but decision making has been a bit suspect tonight.


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Think it's off but so hard for the AR to tell when the balls played, probably doesn't even look like it is from his position


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Unbelievable game, and AT is doing a great job in the middle for an incredibly tough game when you take into account the pace and atmosphere. More of the same please!


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Though I'd argue that should have been a 2nd penalty for Derby.
The Leeds guy had his arms around the Derby player, and then Casilla knocks into the Leeds player to help bring the Derby guy down. It was a foul before Casilla went for it, in my opinion.
Good game though. Best I've seen all week.
That type of off the ball foul call that Taylor spotted for the penalty was a top-class call. He was in fantastic position to see the ball and look through play to also see this between the ball and him. I thought the Bamford play was sufficient for a simulation card. Fun game so far, and Taylor has been a good factor in making it so.