Last futsal of the season (with non-eventful video clip)

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Last game of the (futsal) season for me yesterday (probably).

Only the top two mens and womens divs are playing. I've been lucky enough to get to do 8 womens premier league matches in the last few months. It's the last couple of weeks of the season. There's not that much to do in these games, but the expectations are high, it's televised online, some players are in the national team, some of the coaches, and some of the refs have/are at or close to top level futsal or football - so sometimes I am working with people with international experience. So, it's a real treat for me. The quality of the matches has improved in the last few years, it's still slow with no so much action - so we just have to get everything right.

So, in a season of slim pickings, I present evidence lot 21A, after 36 seconds, the joy of futsal refereeing: here's me responding to the player asking where to take the kick-in, performing the marvellous futsal hand count, signalling the goal, and communicating the goalscorer number to my colleague.

We did reach 6 fouls in the second half and had a long penalty. We had one IDFK in this game, when a keeper trod on the ball to take a DFK, the ball didn't move, and a player played the ball twice (pernicious but the GK messed up, bench appealed, my colleague got it right). And I got nutmegged by the winning captain after she retrieved the ball for a few laughs. :)
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santa sangria

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Bonus - from last week - I'm on the far side - and props to my ref1 colleague on the nearside - on 2:06 - there's a very nice advantage goal - not unlike MO this weekend! - hard to see from the fuzzy pic but I signal the goal and give him a thumbs up. This is what we do, right? Great work from him. Super happy.