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Interesting to see what you guys put in your kit bags? I have a fair amount including multiple shirts, energy gels and tablets, sometimes a towel, warm up kit, spare socks, all my equipment in smaller equipment bags, sometimes spare boots, etc. What’s everyone’s bags like?
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So I have two bags one a small and one large Holdall. For youth matches Or no changing facilities I use small one if I’m changing I take the large one


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I have a fairly large bag which I just keep everything in. It's pretty much a wardrobe with carry handles now! I just tend to wear, wash, shove it back in the bag again.

I have an old washbag with lots of sections which I use for bits and bobs: whistles, coins, books, spare laces, spare contact lenses, some ibuprofen etc etc. This is handy for the simple fixtures as that is what I take pitchside with me. When the weather is a bit more unpredictable I'll go large!

I also have a couple of carrier bags inside which I can use to divide stuff up to make it a bit more manageable.


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I’ve had one of these for the last 20 or so years, can’t get them anymore but it’s an awesome bag.
Umbro mega deck. Plenty big enough for all of my match day paraphernalia