Kicking match but everyone happy?


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I like a game that challenges me and certainly got that this past weekend. Two youth teams (18s) who I know fairly well and never cause much trouble - until now! Both teams seemed intent to kick lumps out of each other right from the kick off, starting with a penalty in the first minute. Ended up with 9 yellows and 1 red but on the final whistle the players and coaches shook hands with each other and myself and walked off laughing and smiling! You never know what you are going to get.

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That for me is a good example of your role as a referee. You are there to manage the game that's in front of you, do whats needed with regards to the LOTG and, (as it seems in this case), carry out your duties to the players expectation levels.
If you do that, then I think on majority of occasions, you can go home quite happy.

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I preferred a bit of a battle to any other game. Hated a bore 6-0 thumping with the best team coasting after they knew they would win!

I spiced a few up too, they hated seeing me give that massive shirt pull hidden at the back post too! Never scared to upset the guilty !