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Hi all, Just checked the 'young referees development programme' website to see if thered been any further updates...

As it so happened a LOTG quiz had been uploaded. Now, i have of course answered all the questions myself and recorder my answers but just thought it would be fun to open it to discussion here. I found it all pretty straight forward except perhaps q5... I wasnt totally sure on what i'd do in the situation.

The answers will be uploaded to the website in 7 days and ill link them here.

A link to the YRDP quiz is attached, enjoy.


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Goal scored direct from a drop ball? Almost certain the law was changed at the start of the season to say restart with a goal kick.


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Remember with a dropped ball bough, if the player takes a touch and then scores the goal stands since it was not directly kicked

Ryan Owens

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The correct answer for number 6 is most likely C. They aren't trying to see if you're a reasonable, common-sense referee with these quizzes, just that you know the LOTG inside and out.