Jordan Pickford Rugby tackle

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Dear me :asshat:
This is what I'm on about with regards to the general standard of refereeing at all levels. How can an elite official not class that as SPA or DOGSO?Thankfully, the Spanish Waiter pulled 3 rabbits outa his sombrero to save the day
Ole, Ole, Ole 🎈


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Quote the BBC website
'Mason likely decided that Pickford's foul in denying a goalscoring opportunity was accidental, which, since 2016, does not result in a red card'
Talking about myths I had two pop up in my match today!

1. Advantage, went back to caution the player when it went out for a throw-in.

"You can't do that, there's no free-kick, it's a throw-in." :confused:

2. Red for violent conduct - booting the ball at an opponent.

"Did you blow the whistle, cos if you didn't stop play they're allowed to kick the ball where they want cos it's called football."

Okay... I guess there's some logic in that, but still.