Injury at a goal


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I'm AR and REDS score a goal. Red during the goal line mealy RED player gets injured but only comes to light when the ball is in the net and no one was coming etc about a foul etc.

Trainer comes on to treat player.

Now.. As the ball is now "dead" and starting with BLUE KO, the injured player has no advantage. Should he had gone of the FOP and wait until called on or can he start on the FOP from KO?


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Since a coach/doctor/physio came onto the field, He should have left the park according to pg 73 of the LOTG and only be brought on after the match restarted

Ryan Owens

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I'm not entirely sure I understand the question or its premise. If a player requires medical assessment on the field of play, he must leave the field and receive treatment before being allowed back on. This has precious little to do with gaining an advantage and almost everything to do with a) that player's safety and b) trying to minimize the amount of times a player goes down for "medical attention" only to have him hop back up after the medic has wasted a sufficient amount of time by being on the FOP. So in this case, yes, the red player must leave the FOP to receive medical treatment for his injury.