I'm back playing after 10+ years reffing


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So my mid life crisis kicked in at 31 and I decided I wanted to play Sunday league again before I physically can't anymore.
I make a point of never saying a thing to a ref no matter how bad they are as I don't want to be one of those "I'm a ref too" c*cks.
Our ref 2 weeks ago rocks up in ORANGE boots a cig in hand and kept time from his mobile which was in his hand the full 90 :facepalm: He was actually a good ref!!! Couldn't bring myself to mark him more than 7/10 though
I'm actually really enjoying it. Not seen a caution in our 3 matches so far. (Obv I was getting the tougher matches when I reffed in this league and averaged 2.5 a match :oops:)
I've started playing football during the week at a five a side place (fa sanctioned don't worry) as a goalkeeper, and it's really helped with the weekend refereeing.

I don't argue with the referees but it's kind of refreshing to actually experience it from the other perspective.

At times I've come off feeling "I've been hard done by the ref," and it's helped my refereeing approach to be more empathetic when the situation requires it.

Always shake the referees hand and thank him though. I kind of wish I was still good enough to play 11 a side though. Then again last time I played I was 16 and broke my leg, put me out for three months.