Hello from Northampton

Good morning to you all,
I'm Cristian, a Level 4 Referee from Northampton, UK. Been a qualified Referee since 2009, with a 1year brake in 2015-2016.
Originaly I'm romanian but joined English football system in 2015, since my 1 year brake to accomodate with the change.
I almost lost my years when I've joined refereeing in UK, but after a bit of persistence, got my L4 veeeery very quickly and now I'm here. In my 1st year as a 4.
Story of progress: ? After my 2nd game as L7, got my L6, after 2 weeks I've got my invitation for a double jump. Got that as well and now I'm rubbish at L4 =)) At least from club marks...Not everyone is happy with my RC for bad language. Most of my RCs are for OFFINABUS :))
This year I'm skipping the promotin ladder, but hopefuly I'll get it next season

So, good luck to you all and maybe we'll referee together in the future.