Guess who was responsible for the chaos at Everton...?


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Will we ever see a journalist with the balls to challenge and confront a manager when they are clearly speaking cr@p?

This type of brawl always leaves me with an ironic smile as the majority of those involved will claim to have been acting as peacemakers!


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' I don't know what happened but I can understand it' ???????????????

If you don't know what happened, how can you blame the referee?

Koeman under pressure so is going to take every opportunity to find something, ANYTHING - to blame for another poor performance.


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Well it has been proved that it was the manager, now ex-manager...

Who to replace with? How about the successful manager of Celtic, looking for a challenge?

Brian Hamilton

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Brian, I'm hoping you put the full team out at The Crisp Stadium tomorrow night and run some miles into those legs.... You'll be there for the taking on Friday night!!!
Ha ha, I'm thinking we'll play the reserves. They were good enough to see off Burnley in the last round. I'm not sure I can get to watch on Friday as it's my mum's birthday and I'm not sure what we're doing to celebrate. Need to keep her onside so she can babysit while we go see Metallica on Saturday in Manchester \m/