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As above but something with a slight grip on the fingers, otherwise the flag will go flying out of your hand.

As a referee, I'd rather my assistant was warm, than cold. That way you ought to do a better job, because you aren't focussed on the cold.


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I'm not a fan of gloves, and it's not because I'm a ruggedly handsome northerner, but my hands just get too hot when running around in them.

I can't give any specific recommendations, but, something with grip on the fingers/palms would be a good idea to help prevent the flag slipping out of your hands. You would also need to consider whether you will need to write while wearing them.


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Gloves are for goalkeepers! I don't think I ever saw a ref wearing gloves in all my years playing and it's never crossed my mind to wear gloves whilst officiating. If the game is being played on a grass pitch then it's more than 0 degrees, you won't get frost bite! Gloves, pppffftt, world's gone soft