Game tomorrow - sin bin rule


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Two games in the morning and new to the league and have been informed (briefly) that sin bin rules apply, i understand it can change from league to league but all ive been told at present is anyone showing dissent which warrants a yellow card gets 8 mins in the sin bin.

Couple of questions for anyone who might be in leagues with the sin bin, if player comes out the sin bin and shows dissent again which normally warrants a yellow card does he go back in the sin bin (are you basically exempt from a card)

If he does and comes out again does he keep going in the bin and what stage does he receive a yellow or red card ?

If its more than dissent for example "ref you effing cheating c^%& for example, does that still warrant a yellow or is that a straight red (like it would be in leagues without sin bin)

Thanks in advance.
There is a lovely table showing the various ways players can be sent off / subtituted due to continued dissent. I will try to find it later. Essentially it hands players a life line to sort themselves out and temporarily punishes teams. OFFINABUS is still fully applicable. Any thing offensive, insulting or abusive above dissent is still a standard red card offence.


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Sound like you are using system B with only dissent in the list. Here is page 29 form the LOTG explaining it:


The "more than dissent" comment as stated above is OFFINABUS and is a straight red.


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My local association made this very simple (with a modified version) which we were grateful for. We also sin binned for dissent only but nothing else changed. We still showed a yellow card for dissent (but added the sin bin to it). the two yellows = red still applied.

What sort of comments would anyone consider worthy of a sin bin ?

Im guessing no foul and abusive.

What if someone says oh ffs ref ?
You are over overthinking when to sin bin. Anything you would have previously shown a yellow card for dissent, now you would sin bin for it.

If you are not sure what constitutes dissent then that's a completely different story and there are a lot of factors involved including the biggest one of all 'context'. There is no simple answer for it.


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Assuming he had no other yellow cards, after the second dissent, he is sin binned again, he serves the time (8 minutes), after that time he can't come back in but a substitute can come in as a replacement only if they haven't maxed out their substitutions. Hope this makes sense.